​​How does a house-call mobile vet work?   We provide veterinary care in the comfort of your home.  We have everything we need in our van and can have the appointment inside your house or in our van. Mobile vets are great for pets who don’t like car rides or trips to the vet and even for individuals who like the convenience of not having to go to the vet.

How much does a visit cost?  Each visit is different.  Our house-call fee is $65 and exam / consultation is $45.  It will be at least $110 for us to come to examine your pet and discuss any health concerns.  Any other service, testing or prescriptions would be an additional cost.
Do you have a brick and mortar building? We are a house-call veterinary office and 100% mobile with our 2016 Mercedes Sprinter 
What types of animals do you treat?  We treat and care for cats and dogs.  Dr. Hunt  will be doing acupuncture on cats, dogs and horses.
What types of payment do you accept?  We accept cash, check, Care Credit, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Payment is due at time of service
What is the best way to contact you?  We will respond to both phone calls and emails. Due to our mobile practice, email can be the quickest way for a response since we are unable to answer phone calls when we are with a client. 
Do you make after-hours calls and visits? No, we do not.  We function as a regular veterinarian office except our office is a van instead of a building. After hours we recommend you contact or visit an emergency clinic.  
Do you make emergency calls? We do our best to see sick or injured pets as soon as possible, however due to our location for the day we may not be able to get to you.  For severe cases,  we recommend taking your pet to an emergency clinic where they have many diagnostic tools, treatment and can monitor your pet 24/7 
How soon can I schedule an appointment? Most of the time, we can schedule within a few days. Depending on which part of town you live in and which area we are servicing that day will determine availability.  
What happens if you are running late?  We do our very best to get to appointments on time but there is a chance we will be early or late.  Our previous appointment may have run late or traffic could slow us down.  If we are going to be more than 10 minutes late or early, we will contact you.
Do you see nervous, scared or aggressive pets?  We do our very best to work with these pets since going to a clinic can be extremely difficult for both client and pet.  Feel free to contact us with your specific situation.  We want to help as much as we can.
Do you offer grooming services?   We only offer veterinary services.  There are many mobile groomers in the area that we can refer you to for grooming services.

Can you do spay/neuter surgeries? Unfortunately, we are unable to perform surgeries.  We do not feel like our van is sterile enough for surgeries.  We recommend maintaining a relationship with a brick and mortar vet to help with procedures requiring anesthesia.​​

Can I add on an additional service or pet? In most cases, yes. We just ask that you contact us prior to arrival so we allow enough time for the appointment.  We schedule our appointments based on services and travel time.  If a service or pet is added, it may cause us to be late to the next appointment.  We do our very best to stay on time, if additional service is added we would like notice to adjust our schedule. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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